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The products featured on this site are just an example of the many different products available and you can add as many different products as you wish!

WEBSITE:  (The domain name has not been registered as it leaves room for the new owner to either keep this name or choose one that they prefer).


-Full ownership of website.

-Facebook page with online shop (this is incorporated within the Facebook page and links directly to your website.

- Supplier & Agent information


-Personalise your store with the many apps available

-User friendly

-Accept credit cards

-Change your website theme at a click of a button/ add slideshow etc.

-Sell automatically on Trademe as well (see for more info)

All the products have been carefully sourced from a reputable overseas supplier. I also utilize agents abroad who can purchase on my behalf, check all is in order and courier the items here so they arrive in NZ in less than a week. 

Current website hosting expense is only $33 (USD29) per month, with a 2% transaction fee (upgrade to a different package to waive fee). 

NZ$1,700.00 NZ$1,200.00
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