Terms and Conditions of Sale


A)    Payment terms:   Payment will be made by way of or Bank deposit into :

       ANZ, 01-0721-0102330-00, B A Salis or via PayPal.


B)   Seller warrants it has full legal title to said website.


C)   Seller agrees to hand over full access to the website, sample stock (if applicable) and supplier details as soon as payment is confirmed.


D)   Buyer understands that the WEBSITE SALE IS FINAL, and there is NO REFUND OPTION.


E)  Stock items featured on any particular online store for sale, are subject to change, due to supplier availability.


F) Buyer understands that as the new owner, it is their responsibility to market or promote the website to generate sales.


G) Seller is only responsible for the website creation, not assisting the Buyer to generate sales.


H) If work has been done on a custom site and the required 50% deposit has been paid, the Buyer agrees that there is NO REFUND OPTION should they change their mind about wanting their site.


I) If acquiring a PRODUCT RESEARCH PACK or placing a DIRECTORY LISTING the Buyer understands that there is NO REFUND OPTION, should they not be satisfied with the products/supplier sites that have been researched.