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I purchased an online business off Bethany in October 2013.  I have found her to be very professional and helpful throughout the whole process.  She provided me with the information immediately after the purchase of the business was complete. She has also answered all my questions very promptly and talked me through any questions or concerns that I have had in trying to understand what I am meant to do.  I have found the website that she developed easy to use and logical.  Bethany is continuing to support me through email with any new questions that I have. I would recommend her product and services.  - Sharon Sutton (

“I have really enjoyed dealing with you, you have made the process so easy for a newbie to understand and work through. Thank you for your reassurance every step of the way, it has been great. I so enjoyed the conversation we had that night that I called you back to let you know that I would go ahead. It was great to talk to you as another person on a personal level rather than just all formal business. If I ever needed anything or my friends asked me then I would defiantly recommend you as someone they could go and talk to. Thank you for always doing what you said you would do and making this such a simple process. I wish you luck with all of your other ventures and hope you enjoyed dealing with me as much as I enjoyed dealing with you” CLARA MCLEAN,